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Other Curriculum

  • <b>Al-Meezan Publications<b/> Al-Meezan Publications
    Al-Meezan International Books for Weekend and Full-time School.
  • <b>Bidaya Books<b/> Bidaya Books
    Bidaya Academy Is an Educational Organization Dedicated to Teaching Reading and Memorizing the Quran.
  • <b>Goodword School Books<b/> Goodword School Books
    Goodword is an award-winning publishing company with a splendid range of Islamic books, gifts and games.
  • <b>Gateway to Arabic<b/> Gateway to Arabic
    The ‘Gateway to Arabic’ course has been designed to teach Modern Standard Arabic (that is to say, al-lughatul-‘arabiyyatul-fusha.
  • <b>Islamic Services Foundation<b/> Islamic Services Foundation
    Islamic Services Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit Organization established and registered in the state of Texas since 1989
  • <b>Kazi Publication<b/> Kazi Publication
    Kazi Publications, Inc. is the oldest Islamic publisher and distributor in North America.
  • <b>Noorart Inc<b/> Noorart Inc
    Noorart is a family business that combines the talents and abilities of creators: Ammar and Noor Saadeh.
  • <b>Sila Company<b/> Sila Company
    Sila Company published kalimah tayibah schoolbooks series for the weekend and full-time school.