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Time to Pray with Zaky-DVD

Time to Pray with Zaky-DVD

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  • Format:DVD
  • Manufacturer :One 4 Kids

Time to Pray with Zaky is the world's first animation film teaching children the most important pillar of Islam - the Prayer (Salaah) and Ablution (Wudu).

Zaky & his friends are playing in the fields when the Athaan is heard from the nearby mosque. The children go to make Wudu but Abraham is missing. Zaky finds him & realizes that Abraham doesn’t know how to make Wudu or Pray.

"That's okay Abraham, we'll teach you", says Zaky. Abraham is excited & joins the rest of his friends as they all offer to help teach him the steps. Together with Teema, Toofa & Kazwa, Zaky teaches Abraham the simple steps of Wudu & Prayer… and they all learn some extra things along the way! 

Time to Pray with Zaky is a fun & educational animated film for children of all ages. It is designed to assist your child in learning the simple steps of making Wudu & Prayer, the most important pillar of Islam.

*Includes quiz time, songs, video clips & more...
*63 minutes in length
*English subtitles for the hearing impaired
*Featuring 6 new voice only songs
*Introduces three new cartoon characters - Kazwa the Camel and Toofa & Teema The Birds

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