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Thank God It’s Jumu’ah

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This book is the ideal gift for high school and college students seeking to establish a Muslim Club and/or Friday prayer in school.

Thank God it’s Friday!” We often hear this statement echoing down the hallways after a long week of school, in the office after an overbearing work week, or sometimes in our homes when looking forward to a long-weekend. However, for Muslims, this phrase holds an entirely different meaning. Friday is our blessed day of worship and gathering, where we leave our daily routine in order to congregate and submit to our Lord.

.THANK GOD IT’S JUMU’AH is a collaborative effort on the part of various youth organizers and leaders who were part of the early push and establishment of Jumu’ah Prayer in high school and college campuses across North America. This book is a comprehensive guide for someone hoping to better understand the importance and take advantage of the blessings of this blessed day, as well as students striving to establish a Muslim Club or MSA in their respective schools.

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