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Tajweed Made Easy

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Tajweed Made Easy
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The content of the book is presented in color, with distinct sub-headings and easy to understand rules. The points of articulation are particularly presented with colorful realistic diagrams to show the exact place of origin of the letter in the mouth and tongue. Ample examples from the Qur'anic verses are included in each lesson. Each chapter ends with quite a few review questions to reinforce learning and to point out ciritical learning areas. 

The book covers the following topics: 

Points of articulation of letters, Characteristics of letters, Ghunna, Qalqalah mechanisms, Letters of elevation and lowness,letters of audibility and whisper, Rules of noon sakinah and tanween, Izhaar Halqui, Idghaam, Ikhfa, Iqlaab, and other special cases, Meem sakinah rules and Lam sakinah rules, Lengthening (Mudood rules) and so forth.

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