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Story of Yunus & the Whale (DVD

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Story of Yunus & the Whale (DVD
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Zaky's latest animation film, 'Storytime 3 - The Story of Yunus & the Whale' by One 4 Kids. One 4 kids presents Zaky’s latest animation film. An exciting and unique story about Prophet Yunus (as), who is swallowed by a whale and endures many hardships while conveying the message of the Oneness of Allah to his people. Every DVD contains a free 12 page coloring book. DVD features *New voice only songs *Quiztime with Zaky *Guess What the Animal is? *Yunus Video Clip * Knock Knock its Ramadan Video Clip Prophet Yunus Song: Written by Subhi Alshaik & Abdullah Rolle Performed by Abdullah Rolle Produced by Abdullah Rolle Co-produced by Subhi Alshaik Video produced by Subhi Alshaik

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