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Ramadan Crafts for Kids

Ramadan Crafts for Kids

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Item Code:6229
  • ISBN:9781427632654
  • Author:Dana Jadallah and Dana Amer
  • Format:Paperback
  • Language:Arabic and English
  • Publisher:Aardvark Global Publishing Company, LLC

We all can agree, our kids are a precious part of our lives. They blossom, grow, and learn through our support and guidance. What we introduce and teach our children will be used as a foundation to develop and build their character traits for their future. The goal for this book is to allow children to understand and love Islam, but mostly to feel the importance of our beliefs and how to celebrate them. With this colorful activity book, children will have the opportunity to create a festive setting for the holy month of Ramadan. These projects will teach them confidence, determination, and pride in themselves and their beliefs. Each activity was designed to help children anticipate the month of Ramadan with excitement and enthusiasm. Children who choose to fast during this holy month will be entertained by the different projects in this book. Long hours will become short minutes before they break their fast. The rewards for fasting and prayer are carefully integrated into some of the projects. To show the children’s accomplishments, we introduce "The Tree." It is a symbol of celebration, achievement, and patience. Ramadan Crafts for Kids is a spiral bound book for ease of use. Parents will love the colorful pages with photos of each project and easy-to-understand directions in both English and Arabic.

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