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Prophet Muhammad as Commander

Prophet Muhammad as Commander

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God sent Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace and blessings) as a “Mercy” to the whole of creation. His compassion encompasses every creature. Indeed, he was also an invincible commander and an able statesman. His compassion required that lambs should be able to live in the utmost security against the attacks of wolves. He desired, of course, the guidance of everyone. This was his greatest concern as stated in the Qur’an: “Yet, it may be, if they believe not in this Message, you will consume yourself, following after them, with grief.” But what could he do for those who persisted in unbelief and actually waged war against him? When he was even severely wounded in the Battle of Uhud, he held his hands open towards God and prayed: “O God, forgive my people, for they know not.” His jihad was to revive people, for he came with a Message which decrees that a man who slays a soul unjustly is as if he slew all mankind and one who revives a soul or saves a life, is as if he saved the lives of all mankind. 

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