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Pearls of the Faith : The Ninety Nine Names of Allah

Pearls of the Faith : The Ninety Nine Names of Allah

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Item Code:6995
  • ISBN:9780985565947
  • Author:Edwin Arnold
  • Edited and Prefaced By:Hamza Yusuf
  • Format:Hard Cover
  • Language:English
  • Pages:247
  • Size:9 X 6 Inches
Pearls of the Faith is a book that harkens back to a slower time; before the nanosecond; before supersonic travel; before the advent of cyberspace; when handwritten letters took weeks to deliver; and people could sit under a canopy and read light verse about other faiths in faraway lands. It was a time when lettered men and women wrote prose and poetry in the hope that it might engender greater understanding of a richly diverse world in dire need of peaceful co-existence; reciprocal respect; and a deeper knowledge of the evergreen truths hidden in the myriad teachings of our various world faiths.

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