1. Parenting in the West SC

Parenting in the West SC

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This book contains guidance to Muslim parents on raising children and conducting family life in the west. With numerous textual references to the Quran and hadith, an extensive part of this book provides guidance on the Tarbiya (Education) of the children at home. It also contains case studies and even the authors' family as a model to study. This book is beneficial for all members of the family and covers many social and domestic issues related to parenting and family life. Not only is this a great resource for pre-marital counseling, those who are just starting families, and already well established families, it is also a must-read for anyone seeking to understand how to develop healthy human relationships as well as family relationships not just in the context of Islam but also on the basis of basic human psychology. - Soft Cover

Author/Translator/OratorEkram Bashir, Mohammad Rida

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