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Our Faith & Worship: Volume 2 (Textbook)
Our Faith & Worship: Vol...

Our Faith & Worship: Volume 2 (Textbook)

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  • ISBN:1563160609
  • Author/Translator/Orator:Abidullah Ghazi& Tasneema Ghazi
  • Publisher:IQRA' International Educational Foundati
  • Format:Paper Back
This volume deals in detail with the Islamic practices of fasting, Zakah, and Hajj. Qur’anic verses and hadiths compliment the discussion about fasting, Ramadan and other festivals, revelation, and the various prayers. Other topics include the aspects and importance of Hajj, the story of Ka’bah, jihad, the struggle with wealth, fighting in the way of Allah, the struggle with self, the significance of the Sharî’ah, and the concepts of halal & haram in earnings and in food and drink. Ideal for Weekend Schools! 

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