1. Muslims in America: Seven Centuries.....

Muslims in America: Seven Centuries.....

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In the past century many articles and books have been written about Muslim Americans. We also have seen part of America’s Islamic heritage and Muslim characters appears in many African American folk tales like The People Could Fly, Uncle Remus, Alex Haley’s Roots, and some of Toni Morrison’s books such as Tar Baby and The Song of Solomon. This book brings into focus a concise history of Muslim Americans and their contributions to the United States of America. The reader will find the book a useful educational tool for children, students, adults, Muslims, and Non-Muslims alike. Among the many little-known but significant facts revealed by this book are that the first person to request the freedom of all slaves in America was a Muslim; that Muslims fought in the many of the early America’s wars; and that Muslims were known to live in at least 7 of the 13 original colonies, such as Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. The author, Amir Nashid Muhammad ibn West, is a well-known businessman, computer consultant, and published poet. Mr. Muhammad converted to Islam in 1974. The book was written so that he could leave his children, grandchildren, and the general public (both Muslim and non-Muslim) a clearer picture of America's rich Islamic heritage. Mr. Muhammed is currently the president of Collections and Stories of American Muslims (Traveling Exhibit and Museum) -- a nonprofit organization. This book is the first effort toward establishing an Islamic museum and traveling exhibit. Paperback

Author/Translator/OratorAmir Nashid Ali

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