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Muslim Christian Interactions

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Muslim Christian Interactions
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This book sorts out the fundamental truths and teachings of Islam and Christianity. It looks at the manner in which Muslims and Christians have interacted in the past and present, in order to draw lessons for the future and allow compassion for fellow human beings to prevail over divisive politics and views. Muslim Christian Interactions (Past , Present, Future) By Yahya M . A Ondigo In the Light of the past, with hope for the future, Muslim_Christian Interactions: Past, Present & Future addresses a subject that is vital to the 21st century.it provides as in_depthstudy of Islam and Christianity, taking an analytical approach to their respective edicts while comparing and contrasting them,it offers an investigation of religious concepts with respect to logic and scientific knowledge, and considers the true role and mission of religious figures of both faiths,with a past full of oppression from leaders of both faiths,against their respective doctrines and principles

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