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Mesut Kurtis: Tabassam

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Mesut's new album. Featuring 12 incredible tracks including: Rouhi Fidak, Adnani, Alhamdu Lillah, Du'a, Eidun Saeed featuring Maher Zain and many more hit songs. 12 Tracks: 1-Rouhi Fidak 2-Tabassam (Smile) 3-Alhamdu Lillah 4-Adnani 5-Ghar Hira 6-Eidun Saeed (Maher Zain) [feat. Maher Zain] 7-Assalatu Wassalamu 8-Ya Man Bihali 9-Seyreyle 10-Farha 11-Ataytu Bithanbi 12-Du'a

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