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Kalimah Tayibah,Level 4-English

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Kalimah Tayibah,Level 4-English
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The series Kalimah Tayibah has the main objective of planting in the hearts of our children the seed of Kalimah Tayibah, the blessed word of: “La ilaha illa LLah, Mohammad Rasulullah” A comprehensive curriculum in Islamic Education with age-related-books targeting children of all school levels (Kindergarten to Grade 12), captured in 5 levels. The curriculum aims at planting in the hearts of our children: The love of Allah and his Prophet (PBUH), the feeling that Allah is always watching them and watching over them, and knowledge of the three pillars of religion (1) Islam (2) Iman (3) Ihsan. The curriculum has been accredited by renowned figures of the Islamic ummah among which are sheikh Shurki Lahafi, sheikh al-Buti, habib Abu Bakr al-Mash-hur, sheikh Hamza Yusuf and others. The Arabic version is approved by Al Azhar Al Sharif

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