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Islamic Studies-Level K (WLP) Revised Edition

Islamic Studies-Level K (WLP) Revised Edition

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  • ISBN:9781936569311
  • Author/Translator/Orator:Husain A Nuri
  • Publisher:Weekend Learning
  • Format:Paper Back

This is the revised and enlarged edition of Level K Islamic Studies book.  

The revised edition of Level K Islamic Studies book from Weekend Learning is for 3-5-year-old children. Ideally, the book is for the kindergarten students.  

The Islamic Studies: Kindergarten book is for 4– 5-year-old children. Nowadays, Kindergarten is like a new “first” grade where children learn a lot, but with plenty of fun. The goal of kindergarten is to build good feelings about school and learning. Students begin with a very basic curriculum. The book emphasizes the most important academic topic—developing literacy reading and writing. Islamic Studies for Kindergarten begins by doing the same that a regular school does building familiarity with various aspects of written and spoken words. The objective is to introduce the basics of Islam through many activities writing, coloring, cutting, gluing, sorting, listening or sometimes simply playing.

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