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Islamic Studies Level 7 Revised Edition

Islamic Studies Level 7 Revised Edition

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  • ISBN:9781936569632
  • Author/Translator/Orator:Mansur Ahmad, Husain A. Nuri
  • Publisher:Weekend Learning
  • Weight:1.00 LB
  • Format:Paper Back
The 28 lessons in this Level 7 book cover a variety of topics, such as Why Islam, What is Islam, The Qur'an: Its Qualitative Names, Istighfar: Seeking Forgiveness and Protection, Allah: Angry or Kind, Islamic Greeting: Wishing Peace, Adam (A): The Trial of the First Human Being, Ad and Thamud: Consequences of Defying Allah and more.

Each lesson starts with the objective of the lesson and includes interesting facts or a qoute from a Hadith. Each lesson also ends with a homework assignment.

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