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Islam a Brief Look at Faith & History (Revised Edition)

Islam a Brief Look at Faith & History (Revised Edition)

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  • ISBN:9781387182121
  • Author/Translator:Hafiz Ikhlas Ansari
  • Format:Paperback
  • Language:English
  • Pages:181
  • Year Published:2017
  • Size:9 X 6 Inches
  • Publisher:Light Upon Light

Islam: A Brief Look at Faith and History is published by Light Upon Light for Americans who have a new interest in this ancient religion of the Near East.

Many books about Islam by Muslims are tools for proselytizing—meant to encourage the reader to become a Muslim. This book takes a much different purpose: To explain the multi-dimensionality of Islam as a path of enlightenment among many.

More importantly, Islam—as a religion practiced worldwide—has a diverse and deep history. This history demonstrates how Islam has shaped humanity.

This special book makes the perfect gift for friends, neighbors or just fellow Muslims who want to know a little more about the depth and breadth of their own religion. It contains useful Quranic references, a glossary and recommended reading.

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