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Guide to Islamic Names

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Guide to Islamic Names
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Comprehensive introduction to Islamic names. Imported. Discussion includes:
Classification of Islamic Names: Ism, Kunya, Nasab, Nisba, Laqab 
A father's responsibility in giving good names to his children 
Times of naming 
The Prophet's (pbuh) liking of good names and dislike for bad names 
Changing of bad names by the Prophet (pbuh) 
Influence of good or bad names 
Best names 
Worst names 
Shari'a's injunction for naming after the kunya of the Prophet (pbuh) 
More than one name 
Superstition in nomenclature 
Part 2 - Glossary of Names 
Names of the Prophet 
Excellent names of Allah (swt) 
Names and attributes of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) 
Names of the wives of the Prophet (pbuh) 
Names of the Sahaba 
Names of the Sahabiyat 
List of names according to the Arabic alphabetical order 
Issues to bear in mind

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