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Everyday Fiqh: 2 Volume Set

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Author: Maulana Mohammad Yusuf Islahi
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Everyday Fiqh follows in the main the Hanafite view-point with foot-notes covering the views of other schools of Fiqh. Controversial issues have been avoided and only those regulations of practical view included which are current and generally accepted and practiced among the people. The due place has been given to juristic opinions of the present-day Scholars in the background of modern developments including mechanical appliances. A work of Hanafi Fiqh covering all five pillars of Islam in detail. Even though it focuses primarily on the Hanafi school, it makes mention of the opinion of the other major schools of Islamic thought in the footnotes. Controversial issues have been avoided and a book based on the general consensus and practice of the majority of the Hanafi scholars has been attempted

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