1. Digest of Muslim Names

Digest of Muslim Names

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Muslim names have good meanings attached to them, they are part of our identity. It becomes an individual responsibility to live up to the spirit that the name dictates. The Prophet, peace be upon him, made it a right of the new born on the parents to endow him or her with an appropriate lovable name! As Muslims of North America and of the English speaking world, it is time to hold fast to our names and teach ourselves and others how to transliterate and pronounce them correctly. This book Digest of Muslim Names: Beautiful Muslim Names and Their Meaning is an updated edition of the earlier work of Muslim Names which the compiler Fatimah Suzanne Al Jafari published in 1977. The book is an easy to use reference to the most common names, their English meaning, and the accurate way of how to transliterate them. Paperback

Author/Translator/OratorFatimah Suzanne Al Jafari

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