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Before the Light: DVD

Before the Light: DVD

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  • Format:DVD
  • Language:English
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Before the Light: From Zamzam to the year of the elephant is the first film in the 3-part series, relates significant events that took place before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is a story of miracles - the miraculous discovery of the well of zamzam, and then, centuries later, the miracle of its rediscovery by the Prophet's grandfather Abdulmuttaleb; the miracle of his father Abdullah's life; and finally, the miracle during the Year of the Elephant, the year the Prophet (PBUH) was born. These miraculous stories - all works of God - prepared the way for the message of Islam to shine bright during Muhammad's Prophethood, and for centuries to come.

Animation, Color, Approx. 30 minutes. DVD includes English and Arabic languages with subtitles.

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