1. Answers to F.A.Q. on Parenting - Part 3

Answers to F.A.Q. on Parenting - Part 3

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    This book is the third in a series that contains detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the hot topic of parenting in North America. Because some of these questions have been raised more than once in recent years, we feel that they represent crucial issues of concern occupying the minds of many parents. Making these answers available in a written format would hopefully provide Muslim parents with the proper advice supported by the Qur’an as well as the teachings of the prophet Muhammad SAAW.

    The methodology used in answering these questions draws heavily on verses of the Qur’an, teachings of the prophet Muhammad SAAW, and events in his Seerah, as well as the author’s wealth of practical experience, gained from their countless parenting counseling sessions over the years, and their knowledge of child psychology. 

    Amana is very pleased to present this wonderful contribution to the Islamic library.

    Pages: 160

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