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Memoirs of a Moth
Memoirs of a Moth

Memoirs of a Moth

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Sheikh Tosun Bekir Bayraktaro?lu was born into one of Turkey’s most exclusive families and received a world-class European style education. However, it was his destiny to lead a different kind of life. It is nearly impossible to summarize his lifestory in a few sentences. In high school he was a socialist. He later lived in the west as an bohemian anarchist. He became rich in Morocco and lived as an aristocrat. He was a dervish in an ?stanbul tekke, and a Sheikh in New York. In his memoirs, Sheikh Tosun does not only tell the story of his own life. He was raised in an elite family in the years following the Turkish revolution. When he was young he shared a house in London w?th such important figures from Turkish culture as Bülent and Rah?an Ecevit, Can Yücel and Ali Neyzi. It is a story that is sincere and warm, readable and fluid. It is a journey of the soul first from East to West, and then back again from West to East.

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