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Al-Ghazali: Faith in Divine Unity &…

"It is fair to say that the ""Book of Faith in Divine Unity and Trust in Divine Providence "" plays an axial role in Ghazali's celebrated compendium, the Ihya Ulum al-din. What is at issue is not Divine Unity itself, but the implications for the community arising from the idea that everything comes from God and that ""there is no agent but God."" How can we trust in Divine Providence? Ghazali states that ""all that exists in creation--sustenance given or withheld, life or death, riches or povertMore...

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Faith and Practice of Al - Ghazali, The

This is an English rendition of a famous treatise by Al-Ghazali, entitled, "Al-Munqidh Min Ad-Dalaal." It presents us with an intellectual analysis of his spiritual growth.

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IBN ARABI-Voyage of No Return

This is concise introduction to the life and the thought of Ibn Arabi who is considered as the `Greatest of Sufi Masters’. Written by the author of a best-selling biography of Ibn Arabi : the voyage of no return traces the major events of Ibn Arabi’s life: his conversion to Sufism; his travels around Andalusia and the Maghreb; his meeting with the saints of his time; his travels in to Egypt, his journey to Mecca, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Syria. Claude Addas is a scholar of Ibn AraMore...

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Imam Al-Ghazali a Concise Life

Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali is a towering figure in Islam today. But did you know that during his lifetime he was a scholar, a saint and a penniless wanderer? In this short biography you will discover how Al-Ghazali rose from his humble background as a fatherless young boy from a small town, to become a successful student, a great teacher and the most famous Islamic thinkerMore...

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Mathnawi of Jalaluddin Rumi5 books

Jalal ud-Din Rumi (d.1271CE) was one of the greatest mystics of all time. In Persian literature, this work is surpassed by no other. This monumental work is an indispensable guide for those interested in the spiritual side of Islam and the teachings of the Sufi mystic who founded the renowned order of whirling dervishes.

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Quarreling With God

This collection presents, for the first time in English, a compilation of seven centuries of the mystic hymns of Turkey's rebellious Sufi poets. At the time Rumi was writing in ancient Anatolia, many other great mystics in the region were also composing wild, ecstatic, and controversial poems that were shared among the people as spiritual songs. Many are still played and sung today in sacred dervish ceremonies. Poet Jennifer Ferraro and translator/performer Latif Bolat have organized the poems iMore...

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Sufisum an Introduction - Farida Khanum

Ages 10 & Up] One of the most popular song tapes for young Muslim adults. Features inspirational songs, rap, and chants with strong messages, relevant to young Muslims growing up in America. This tape uses percussion musical instruments. Includes: "I-S-L-A-M", "Busy Bees", "Jummah", "Clean it up", and "Backbiting" (raps) "It's Allah's Will", "Proclaim the Message", "Yaum-ud-deen", "The Straight Track."

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