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AD-DUNYA, The Believer's Prison

This work  is a reminder to the reader that Unseen is the only part of the reality.  We cannot see the reality.  It  further tells the reader that one’s behavior in this world will determine his or her destiny in the Hereafter.  It further shows that the Mercy and Generosity of Allah swt is the only hope for salvation and entrance into the Garden of Jannah.  An interesting reading foMore...

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Agenda to Change Our Condition

Agenda to Change Our Condition is a concise treatise on the path to taqwa (conscious awareness of our Lord). Muslims consider devotion to God through taqwa the primary reason for our existence and the means by which we are ensured continued succor from our Creator. This classic volume elucidates a simple yet effective means to transform our inner world through spiritual struggle with the soul.

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Al-Ghazali: Inner Dimensions of Islamic

In this work, Al-Ghazali goes beyond the most obvious aspects of ibadah (like prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimage, etc). These selections from his `Ihya `Ulum al-Din explain, in his characteristically powerful and inspiring way, how to reap the rich harvests of spiritual, moral and social upliftment that must be their reward. It is an especially important book for young men and women of today who are seeking God's pleasure - a lifestyle impossible to maintain without an understanding of the More...

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Al-Ghazali: Invocations and Supplication

This book is the English rendering of a section of Al-Ghazali's classic Ihya' Ulum ad-Din dealing with invocations and supplications used for diverse occasions. The book includes a scholarly introduction and notes.

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Al-Ghazali: On Intention Sincerity and T

The 37th chapter of the Revival of Religious Sciences, this treatise focuses on the subject of intention—which is of crucial importance in Islam—posing questions such as How can someone ignorant of the meaning of intention verify his own intention? How can someone ignorant of the meaning of sincerity verify his own sincerity? and How can someone sincerely claim truthfulness if he has not verified its meaning? Renowned theologian-mystic Abu Hamid al-Ghazali addresses these questions by expoundingMore...

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Contemplation an Islamic Psychospiritual

Delving into the true meaning and experience of Islamic spirituality, based on a person’s awareness and recognition of his existence and place in Creation. Malik Badri reveals the limitations and contradictions of the current prevailing schools of psychology that deny the existence of the soul and perceive humans as mere machines acting on external stimuli. Combining the rich traditional Islamic wisdom with contemporary knowledge, the author advances a unique approach to the understanding of More...

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Corridor of Shadows

Corridor of Shadows is the long-awaited new book by Muhyiddin Shakoor, a contemporary American Sufi, who is also a psychotherapist and academic, currently teaching in Turkey as a visiting professor. In his highly-acclaimed previous book, Writing on the Water, which has inspired thousands of readers, Shakoor offered a personal account of his first encounter with Islam and his initial years on the Sufi path. Now, he continues his spiritual journey with Corridor of Shadows. In this book, with his fMore...

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Diseases of the Hearts & Their Cures

"Translated by Abu Rumaysah ""Know O beloved reader that it is most important to spend one's time and energy in treating the heart, and hastening to correct and purify it from sickness and all sins. This is due to the heart occupying a great and lofty position in Islaam, for it is the place to which the Lord looks and the storehouse for tawheed, faith, and sincerity. Actions are distinguished, one from the other, with respect to their excellence in the Sight of Allah in accordance with the condiMore...

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Drops from an Ocean

This book is a selection of stories and reflections from the famous Mathnawi of Rumi. Although the Mathnawi is not a children book, the stories have the directness and clarity, which would be a delight to the young.

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Duties of Brotherhood in Islam

An immensely important portion of Imam al-Ghazali's 'Ihya, this work discusses, at the micro-level, what is needed to instill in each of us the sense of brotherhood that is a necessary fabric for Muslims to be effective as a nation. The eight duties each Muslim has to perform towards the other are each discussed in detail. Al-Ghazali, Abu Hamid Muhammad (450/1058-505/1111), a towering figure in Islam, was born at Tus, near Mashhad in Iran, in the early Seljuq era and studied theology and law at More...

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Exquisite Pearl

This book explains the main spiritual stations that the heart is required to embrace as part of its worship of Allah and its journeying to Him. The book is based on a poem written by the author and his explanation of it.

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Green Sea of Heaven: Paper Back

Hafiz is the preeminent poet of Persian Sufism and one of the great poets of world literature. The Green Sea of Heaven is regarded as the finest English translation of his poetry. Elizabeth Gray’s translations are informed by her thorough knowledge of Persian and the Persian poetic tradition. (Many recent books attributed to Hafiz have been produced by persons who do not know Persian at all!) This bilingual edition also includes two brilliant studies of Hafiz by Gray and Daryush Shayegan, plus hMore...

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