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Al-Jumuah. The Day of Congregation

In this unique book Dr. Gowher Yusuf gives us reason to stop and think about how special Friday (al-Jumu'ah) really is, and what we should be doing to achieve the many bounteous blessings it holds for th ose who deserve it.

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Book of Knowledge- Ahmad Sakr

Dr Ahmad Sakr, a well known activist amongst Muslim communities in the U.S., gives his opinions and reflections on various topics of interest to Muslims, including social issues like homelessness, volunteering, Thanksgiving, terrorism, child custody, historical incidents, and more. Paperback

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Islamic Perspectives

"This Festschrift contains articles on aspects of Islamic intellectual perspective and heritage and outlines the nature of Islamic society, state and economy. It also contains contributions on some celebrated scholars and reformers who have made lasting effect on Islamic movement in the recent past as well as a bibliography of the writings of Mawdudi together with an introduction to his vision of Islam and of Islamic revival. This book will be read with fascination by general readers as much as More...

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Khutabat -Islamic Sermons, Maududi

A valuable collection of sermons based on the Quran and Ahadith by one of the great leaders of the 20th century Muslim World. Informatie and inspiring reading.

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Khutbat e Haram, Darussalam, Urdu

This book is a collection of speeches delivered by Sheikh Abdur Rehman Sudais in Haram.

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Lift Up Your Hearts - vol. 2

"LIFT UP YOU HEART volume 2 is a further collection of 25 Khutbah. In the first volume the emphasis was on basic Islamic beliefs and practices and on some fundamental Islamic concepts. In this second volume many moral and social issues are discussed from an Islamic perspective. They also provide some guidance on dealing with problems faced by the Muslim community in the West." Soft Cover. 143 pages.

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Lift up your Hearts, vol.1

Lift up Your hearts is a collection of 30 Khutbah given by the author at Jumu'ah Prayer organised by the University of Leicester Islamic Society over the years. They cover a wide range of subjects and discuss many Islamic concepts and fundamental values with precision and depth in a systematic order. They are geared one to motivate and learn more and strive to fulfil our responsibilities as Muslims. PB

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Prepare Yourself and Speak

This book is intended to be a guide for preparing speeches on various Islamic topics. Table of Contents Section One -- Preparation 1. Introduction 2. Prepare Yourself to Be a Speaker 3. Before Speaking to Muslims 4. Hosting Non-Muslims 5. Questions Expectations 6. Wrong Expectations 7. Salat Preparation 8. Before Accepting Friday Khutbah 9. Friday Khutbah Part (1) /Khateeb 10. Friday Khutbah Part (2)/Imam 11. Officiating Marriages 12. Preparing for Ramadan 13. Preparation for More...

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Sermons of the Prophet Muhammad

"This book is a compilation of 40 of the finest sermons of the Prophet Muhammad which, in the words of the translator, Assad Nimer Bussol, carries the fragrance of the breath of the noble Prophet." Soft Cover. 90 pages.

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