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Hadith & its Literary Style

This book is divided into two parts. In the first part the author tackles basic issues related to Hadith, such as: its meaning, its classification, its authenticity, its recording, preservation, compilation and classification, legal status of Hadith and Sunnah, fabrication of Ahadith, principles of Hadith criticism, kinds of Ahadith collections, and major works of Ahadith. In part two, the author deals with the issues of the impact of the Qur'anic idea and style on Hadith, the use of parables inMore...

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Hadith Status & Role

This book introduces the Hadith discipline and its development in the early period of Islamic history up to the production of the six famous anthologies known as the Six Authentic collections or as-Sirah as-Sittah.

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Studies in Hadith Methodology-Literature

This book, in lucid English, discusses the methodology and literature of ahadith. Divided into 2 parts, part 1 deals with the methodology of the hadith, and the second part discusses the literature, introducing the six principal books, as well as others which had great significance and represent a stage in the compilation of Hadith books. The author hopes that through careful reading, it would eliminate most of the doubts which have been created, deliberately or out of ignorance, by OrientalistsMore...

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Textbook of Hadith Studies, A

This book provides a wide- ranging introduction to the science and methodology behind Hadith collection and interpretation.

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Usool Al-Hadeeth:The Methodology of ....

The science of hadeeth terminology and assesment is a particularly difficult field of study. Dr. Bilal Philips has managed in this text to simplify this topic and to make it quite relevant to our times by addressing some of the most challenging questions raised by those who question the validity of hadeeth literature in general. Although this book was designed as a teaching text for the Bachelors in Islamic Studies (BAIS) programs which Dr. Bilal set up in the UAE and Qatar, it is suitabMore...

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